After a long break due to a breakdown of the original team, we are merging the Purgation of Kaurava and Firestorm over Kaurava modifications. This modification is the result of that merge and will STILL be Firestorm over Kaurava.

Melooo/yooo has been very generous in allowing the two modifications to merge and baz4431 has been heading the recent team reorganisation!

Expect more news as we progress; a Soulstorm version of the modification isn"t that long away!

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Most of the team has been busy with real life matters for the previous months, but we finally managed to put together a new release. There"s still polishing work to do, but tyranids are fully playable and we know you want to try them out.

Due to technical problems, we cannot upload the new version to moddb right now, so here"s a mediafire link:

0-Delete any old DoW40K_SS folder you had in your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory.
0-Extract this package in your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory.
0-Start up the game and select Firestorm over Kronus from the mod list!

-Instead of Firestorm over Kronus, load up Anphelion Project.

And no, there"s no need for extra downloads or other mods.

Chaos Featurette! (01/02/2013)

Chaos Featurette! (01/02/2013)

News 00 comments

Today"s news feature is bringing people up to speed on the Forces of Chaos in DoW40k: Firestorm over Kaurava! Remember to check out our Image Gallery!


We"re back!

News 00 comments

We"re back! After a long break due to RL issues and team inactivity, the Firestorm mod returns with some of the original team members!

3.7 update and streams!

0.7 update and streams!

News 07 comments

A quick update on the in-progress/"final" build for Dark Crusade, worked on by Fuegan of the FoK team!

Top 000

Top 000

News 0 comments

Firestorm over Kaurava has once again achieved a spot in the top 000 mods! Lets hope we can get into the top 00!

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Beta Firestorm over Kaurava 0

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava 0

Full Version 07 comments

New public release! Working and improved AI for all factions, many gameplay fixes, several new units, models and textures! Now in slimmer version! The...

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

Beta Firestorm over Kaurava Patch

Patch 04 comments

What I uploaded was actually an older version. This patch updates a bunch of unit stats and costs and also adds a few others. To install, simply extract...

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

Beta Firestorm over Kronus

Full Version 01 comments

Here"s the first version of FoK for Soulstorm! Compared to the DC version, Firestorm over Kaurava features a completely revamped combat system, plus new...

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

Firestorm over Kaurava Beta

Full Version 0 comments

How to install: -Extract the .rar inside your Dawn of War Soulstorm directory. -Open the new DoW40K_SS folder and then the for_root_dow_ss_directory folder...

DoW40K:FoK 0.6 - Release Candidate 0530

DoW40K:FoK 0.6 - Release Candidate 0530

Full Version 079 comments

This is a fairly recent internal build of the mod. Uploaded here cause some people are having trouble with the megaupload link, however it still requires...

FoK 0.5 .exe

FoK 0.5 .exe

Full Version 08 comments

For those of you having trouble installing the manual version/prefer .exes

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Is the beta 0 mediafire link working for you guys? I downloaded it 0 times and all I get are checksum errors.

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

I see the pictures but no where ingame do I see the Terminator chaplain and other units. Was it cancelled?

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Dead mod?
Didn"t have the chance to test it, but this looks dead but amazing D:

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

men i can not download this... it gets until 02mb and the downloads crash

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

The only thing that makes FoKronus better than FoKaurava is the fact that T"au Gue"la thingie people are called tau little helpers. Please rename them to Tau little helpers back.

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Any fix or advice for the crashes?Amazing mod but crashes all the time.

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Hey, I need your help, I installed it as I was supposed to, and everything works fine with one exception. Instead of descriptions of units, upgrades building etc. I get "No Range 0457664". It really makes the game hard to understand :D. Anyway i can fix it?

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Make sure your game is in English

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Which data do i have to delete to make infantry have their normal body size again? whats the point in increasing detail if you smaller the unit itself. Seems retarded. Seems like an autist had this idea.

Also GhostCity(6p) has so many missing textures that it is disfunctional.

Reply Good karma Bad karma -4 votes

These "missing textures" are and These files are corrupt in certain distributions of the GhostCity(6p) map for some reason. Basically, search all instances of those two .dds files on your hard drive. Non corrupt ones will have a visual preview in Windows Explorer if you view as "large icons". Corrupt versions will not have the proper visual preview. I replaced those with the versions of those files that had the proper visual preview and finally there were no more pink question marks on the map when playing.

Reply Good karma Bad karma +1 vote

Wow, bro. So you have enough brains to call people autists, but not enough brains to understand why units are smaller? Good luck with your life, you"re gonna need it.

Reply Good karma Bad karma +3 votes
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